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Siemens Hearing Division Became Signia

Siemens to Signia

Siemens Hearing Aid division no longer exists. In late 2015 Siemens and Sivantos, another German Corporation, came to an agreement on the sale of Siemens Hearing Division. It was decided that the new hearing aid company would be named Signia, which is the name of Siemens first digital hearing aid. As part of the agreement, Siemens was to have some control for 10 years. At first this new company was often known as Siemens Signia. Then as time went by it was known as Signia Siemens and now they are known as Signia.

One of the first positive actions was that Signia increased the amount of engineers in research and development from 320 to over 600. This has resulted in new advanced technology and innovative hearing aid design being available to the consumer at a much more accelerated rate. Many of the new technologies are firsts in the hearing aid industry.

As an independent practice we can offer any hearing aid manufacturers that we believe will satisfy our patients. We have and we do offer other major brands in addition to Signia, but Signia remains our number one brand because of their innovative technologies, performance and the quality of their products.

Siemens to Signia in 2015

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