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Pure 312 X - Signia Hearing Aid Prices & Information

Signia Pure 312 X in Rose Gold Color
Prices for Signia X
7X $1,904.00
5X $1,499.00
3X $1,195.00

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Pure 312 X has new revolutionary YourSound technology driven by the world's first hearing aid Signia Xperience Platform Logoacoustic-motion sensors. Signia Xperience platform uses advanced acoustic sensors and motion sensors to constantly monitor sound from every direction. This provides the most natural sound quality and sound clarity in every situation. The Pure 312 X is a Receiver In the Canal (RIC) hearing aid with a size 312 battery that allows a slimmer case. Own Voice Processing allows the user to hear their voice more naturally and improves speech understanding in noise. The Signia Pure 312 X has direct connection to the iPhone and connection to Android via the StreamLine Mic. Using the Signia App the user can control the features of the Pure 312 X. It is IP68 rated, no need to worry about moisture, sweat, dust or dirt, because it is essentially waterproof. (Released September 1, 2019)

Xperience Platform provides next level sound localization, Own Voice Processing, greater signal-to-noise ratio and many other features to deliver a dynamic soundscape that is more precise and in much greater detail. 24 bit processing for extended dynamic range, 12 kHz bandwidth for extended high-frequency sounds and the best speech understanding in noise. The patented Own Voice Processing delivers the user's voice naturally while not affecting any other sounds. Speech Quality is further improved providing the best understanding of speech in noise using YourSound technology, Ultra HD e2e, Narrow Directionality, Spatial SpeechFocus and Twin Phone.

TeleCare allows the user to be almost anywhere and we can make real time adjustments and changes to the Signia Pure 312 X. No more requirement for office visits. Signia TeleCare has simplified remote patient hearing care. TeleCare provides for a quicker response and for greater flexibility, TeleCare is another advantage of Signia X technology.

Warranty We include the Signia 3 year warranty with 7 X, 5 X and 3 X. Warranties include loss and damage coverage. There is no extra cost for the full warranty. Plus, we support you for the life of the hearing aids.

Prices for Pure 312 X are listed on this page below. Professional services and support for the life of the hearing aids are included in our prices. We also have a SPECIAL OFFERS page.

Pure 312 X Prices and Warranty

Levels   Phone App   Channels   Learning   Rechargeable   Bluetooth   Bundled   Unbundled    
3X   Y   24   Y   N   Y   1,393.00   1,195.00    
5X   Y   32   Y   N   Y   1,697.00   1,499.00    
7X   Y   48   Y   N   Y   2,102.00   1,904.00    

Warranty - We include the full Manufacturer's 3 year warranty with 7 X, 5 X and 3 X at no extra cost. Warranties includes loss and damage coverage.

Professional services and support for the life of the hearing aids are included in our prices.

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What Is Included:

Support: At No Additional Cost, We provide Quality Licensed Professional Services and Support for the Life of the Hearing Aids. We also provide Remote Support Via Signia TeleCare. We are one of a minority of practices that have been granted access to the full Signia TeleCare application for complete remote support. See our reviews on Google.

Payment Plans: 0% Payment Plans available up to One Year through Care Credit. We pay the interest.

Total Cost: The cost is the price listed above. No additional service/ support plans or warranties to purchase and no hidden costs. We provide additional click domes or clicks sleeves, cleaning tools and our own step-by-step use and maintenance documentation with photographs, in addition to the Signia manuals and ownership/ warranty documentation.

Questions: Whenever you have a question or you need assistance you can contact us. Generally we are available after hours and on weekends for our patients. We have been providing exceptional professional services and product support since 2003.

The Unbundled option is for local and distant patients. The Bundled option is for local patients only. Click here for more information about Bundled and Unbundled


Signia Xperience Platform Logo

Signia Xperience has new revolutionary YourSound technology driven by the world's first hearing aid acoustic-motion sensors. Signia Xperience platform uses advanced acoustic sensors and motion sensors to constantly monitor sound from every direction. This provides the most natural sound quality and sound clarity in every situation.

Other conventional premium hearing aids work by categorizing sounds to adjust their settings. Basically, these conventional hearing aids place different soundscapes into different buckets. They place speech in noise, speech in quiet, noisy environment, music listening, windy environment etc., in their own bucket. The one-bucket philosophy does not cover all sound environments and all hearing needs.

Signia Xperience with YourSound technology is able to recognize and adapt without applying a predefined category. With the advanced acoustic sensors and unique integrated motion sensors, it collects more information than ever before. Using sound from ever-changing environment and from every direction, it develops a "picture" of the soundscape. YourSound's Dynamic Soundscape Processing takes the dynamic soundscape picture and delivers natural sound and speech in every situation whether moving or not. Dynamic Soundscape Processing in every sound environment optimizes speech intelligibility and reduces listening effort.

Among the many pivotal new technologies, YourSound has the proven Own Voice Processing. This is the world's first and only system to process the wearers own voice completely separately from all other sounds. Using precise microphones OVP scans the wearer's head and identifies the wearer's unique spatial sound path. OVP then allows the wearer to hear their voice naturally, while improving speech recognition.

  • Spatial SpeechFocus - steers the directional been to the dominant speech source.
  • Directionality - scientifically proven to enhance speech understanding in noise.Directional microphones that help you better focus on conversation
  • Spatial Configurator - the Signia App allows the user to adjust the width and direction of the microphone beam.
  • TwinPhone - delivers telephone conversation to both ears via e2e wireless link.
  • Adaptive Streaming Volume - adjusts streaming volume based on ambient noise.
  • TeleCare - adjustments can be made without the user being in our office.
  • Dynamic Soundscape Processing - adjusts sound clarity and sound quality features for natural sound and speech in every situation and direction.
  • Own Voice Processing - real-time recognition of wearers voice delivers natural voice and improved speech recognition.
  • YourSound Technology - higher resolution acoustic sensors and integrated motion sensors provide detailed information about the dynamic sound environment.
  • Ultra HD e2e - wireless connectivity between both hearing aids.
  • IP68-rated for resistance to moisture, sweat, dust and dirt for greater reliability. Can be immersed in over 3 feet of water indefinitely.
  • Extended Dynamic Range - 24 bit processing for enhanced soft and loud sounds.
  • Extended Bandwidth - 12 kHz bandwidth for enhanced high-frequency sound and speech.
  • Echo Shield - eliminates reverberant sounds.
  • HD Music - enhanced enjoyment of recorded and live music.
  • eWindScreen - reduces outdoor wind noise and sends relative sound to both hearing aids.
  • Feedback Cancellation - real-time monitoring and control of feedback.
  • Two clinical studies have shown that it provides better than normal hearing in certain demanding environments (University of Northern Colorado, 2014; Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2013): Speech Reception Thresholds (SRT)
  • Clinical study of the effectiveness of features on reduction in listening effort. (University of Northern Colorado, 2015)
  • Clinical study of the Own Voice Processing and spontaneous acceptance. (Oldenburg Hörzentrum, 2017)

Pure 312 X Colors


Beige Pure 312 X Color


Granite Pure 312 X Color


Gray Pure 312 X Color


Silver Pure 312 X Color

Pearl White

Pearl White Pure 312 X Color

Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde Pure 312 X Color

Sandy Brown

Sandy Brown Pure 312 X Color

Dark Granite

Dark Granite Pure 312 X Color


Black Pure 312 X Color

Dark Champagne

Dark Champagne Pure 312 X Color

Deep Brown

Deep Brown Pure 312 X Color

Rose Gold

Rose Gold Color for Pure 312X

Signia App

The industry's most advanced remote control app. The Signia App acts as a remote control for adjustments and personalization. Signia App on a Cell Phone Users can adjust program and volume. 360° adjustment of the Spatial Configurator. Management of audio streaming and streaming accessories. Easy to use and easy to get, just simply download the Signia App at the Apple App store or the Google play store. The best part is that the App is free!

StreamLine Mic

TheSignia StreamLine Mic is an accessory for Signia Pure 312 X hearing aids that provides hands-free audio streaming for phone calls, music and any other device with Bluetooth connectivity. Your hearing aids become state-of-the-art hands-free mobile wireless headsets and provide the highest quality stereo audio.

StreamLine TV

TheSignia StreamLine TV is an accessory for Signia Pure 312 X hearing aids that provides TV audio in Dolby. It streams TV audio directly into the Pure 312 X hearing aids. The user can adjust volume separately from the TV with the myControl app.


The is small enough to carry on a keyring, it is the ideal solution for anyone who wants discrete, convenient hearing aid control without the need for a large remote control or smartphone. Signia miniPocket Remote ControlThe miniPocket is approximately 2 5/16" high by 1 3/8" wide.

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