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What You Can Expect from a Visit

Pre-Screening - A discussion of your health history, including surgeries, medications, infections and family history regarding hearing loss. What problems you may be having with communication, understanding and hearing in general.

Earwax Removal - Cerumen (ear wax) will be removed to facilitate Digital Otoscopy Examination - To detect and examine any pathologies of the ear that can cause or contribute to hearing loss. We look for infection, cerumen (ear wax), perforations or cholesteatomas (tumors). If any of these pathologies are revealed the patient will be referred to an otolaryngologist or their family physician.

Comprehensive Computerized Audiometric Testing (Hearing Test) - Air conduction, bone conduction, masking where applicable and speech discrimination testing is administered. (SIN) Speech in Noise and Real Ear where applicable. Particular types of hearing loss will be referred to an otolaryngologist or the patient's family physician.

Consultation - You will be provided with a full explanation of your test results. If you have hearing loss you will be encouraged to ask as many questions as you feel necessary. You will be provided with the time that you need to understand your hearing loss and how technology can improve your hearing.

Hearing Instrument Recommendation / Selection - If you need hearing aids we will select hearing instruments that are most appropriate to treat your loss and match your preferences and capabilities. You will be provided options so that you can consider alternative styles and price levels. Again, you will be encouraged to ask questions so that you can fully understand the available technology, styles and price levels.

Insurance / Payment Plans - We accept almost all insurance plans. We will handle most of the administrative and follow-up work for you. We will contact your insurance company to verify your benefits and if applicable we will file the claim. We also have 0% payment plans available with our Bundled Purchasing Option.

Fitting of Hearing Instruments - Your hearing aids will be programmed for your specific hearing loss using the latest technology and software the industry has to offer. You will be instructed on how to insert and remove your hearing aids. You will be counseled on how to use hearing aids on a daily basis and how to maintain and clean the instruments. You will be given the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the new and different sounds that you will be hearing with your new your instruments. Everyone's perception of sound is different so fine-tuning may be necessary. The fitting ends when you have no more questions and when you are comfortable with your new hearing instruments. Included with purchase.

Follow-Up Visits - With our Bundled Purchasing Option your follow-up visits for adjustments/consultations and cleanings are only limited by the life of your hearing aids. The number of follow-up visits contained within the Unbundled Purchasing Option is detailed in the Purchasing Option description.

Aural Rehabilitation - We provide family counseling, and practical situational solutions for optimal communication results. Your hearing and speech intelligibility change over several months. With continued use of hearing instruments, this is an ongoing and positive process. Included with the Bundled Option.

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