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Patient Testimonials

On this page are testimonials from a selection of satisfied patients. Please note that testimonials include a photograph, the patient's full name, and their city and state. We would have many more patients on our website, but of course most people are uncomfortable revealing their hearing loss to the general public. These patients have not been paid for their comments.

Doug Faulds

"I've worn hearing aids for a long time. My job has put me on construction sites for years and I haven't always been able to wear my hearing aids. They would just stop working because of sweat and grit. I'm wearing Aquaris waterproof aids now and I love them. No more worries or having to take them out. I can even wear them when I mow the lawn. I'm glad I found Northwest Professional Hearing. Over the years Jill has helped me hear better than ever. She is awesome."

Doug Faulds, Patient
Berwyn, IL

Harold Langland

"I love these hearing aids. What a difference from my old ones. I can hear the ticking on my grandfather clock; I have never heard that before. I am also hearing notes on the piano at church that I haven't heard in years. Since I started using the MiniTek Bluetooth remote I don't have any problems undertanding T.V. or my cell phone conversations. I can listen to music while I'm working and if I get a cell phone call, I just press a button and answer. I don't even have to reach for my phone. I can wear my Aquaris hearing aids when I'm in the yard working, sweating, mowing, no worries. Jill has been great; I've purchased four sets of hearing aids from her. She provides the best care and service and Siemens technology keeps getting better and better. That 's why I keep going back."

Harold Langeland, Patient
LaGrange Park, IL

Carol Pogar

"My Pure hearing instruments have relieved a lot of stress in my life. Siemens MiniTek with Bluetooth makes it so enjoyable to watch T.V.; hearing in stereo through my hearing aids. I wouldn't be without it. I can have the volume as loud as I need without disturbing anyone else in the house. Jill so patiently explained how to use the Bluetooth technology, making it very easy for me. Northwest Professional Hearing really cares about how well I am hearing. I'm glad I found them."

Carol Pogar, Patient
Countryside, IL

Harry Seminetta

"I've had a problem with my hearing most of my life. I'm so glad I found Northwest Professional Hearing. Jill spent lots of time with me and chose the right style and technology that has helped me more than any other hearing aids I've worn. They really care about their patient's."

Harry Seminetta, Patient
Bridgeview, IL

Pat Van Sipma

"I tried other places, but I wasn't happy. I was so worried about getting hearing aids; had heard so many terrible stories that I put this off for many years. I can't believe I waited so long. I know I've missed so many things. Now I don't know what I'd do without my hearing aids. I'm so glad I've found Northwest Professional Hearing. Jill spent the time with me until she knew I was happy. I can go in anytime, no problem is too small."

Pat Van Sipma, Patient
Palos Heights, IL

Mark Southerland

"Hands down, the best hearing aids I have had!. I have tried three different brands of hearing aids from other practices and none of these were adequate. Northwest Professional Hearing has met all of my expectations; they are great."

Mark Southerland, Patient
Indian Head Park, IL

Cleo McDonald

"I love my hearing instruments. My daughter had been concerned for my safety because I wasn't hearing her when we were outside on a shopping trip. I was putting off this decision but I'm so happy I took action and can hear well. I love Northwest Professional Hearing. Jill took the time necessary to help me adjust. She explained everything I needed to know about hearing loss, the brain and how important it is for me to keep doing the things I really love. I didn' know that we process everything we hear with our brain and it needs to be stimulated. I'm very grateful to them and I feel like they are part of my family."

Cleo McDonnell, Patient
Willow Springs, IL

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