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Purchasing Hearing Aids on the Internet

No Street Address Hands holding WWW- Not having a street address on a website can indicate a big problem. Since hearing aids are a medical device and the dispensing of hearing aids is regulated most often by the Department of Health and the Attorney General's office in each state. If you have a problem that you cannot reconcile with an organization on the web you're only option is to seek assistance from the state's Department of Health or Attorney General's office. If they do not display a street address you do not know which state or even which country regulates their actions. A Post Office Box can be good starting point, but it is not necessarily enough information. An organization can have their mail picked up at a P.O. Box and then forwarded to another state or country. In short, it is always wise, whether you are purchasing hearing aids or any other product, to be able to find the street address of the organization that is being represented on a website.

Service and Support - Be sure that your purchase includes professional services and support for the hearing aids and accessories. Some websites do not offer any professional services or support. Major hearing aid manufacturers expect there to be professional services and support provided with their hearing aids and accessories. If an organization is not providing professional services and support they can lose their right to provide a manufacturer's products. Several sites have lost this right. Some websites are third-party brokers and refer you to a local provider who provides limited services.

We provide professional services and support for the life of the hearing aids. Beyond in person contact, we provide multiple methods of contact phone, email, text and Skype, FaceTime (Skype and FaceTime by appointment). Often we are available on weekends and after hours.

Transparency – We believe in transparency, that is why you will find our street address at the top and bottom of each page. Unlike most other practices, we post our hearing aid prices, accessory prices and other product prices on our website.

Practitioner – A positive relationship is important with any medical practitioner. It is no different when you are considering the purchase of hearing aids. A comprehensive consultation with a licensed hearing professional should be expected before you commit to the purchase of hearing aids. This allows the individual to develop a rapport with the hearing professional and allows the hearing professional to gain knowledge about your lifestyle, challenging listening environments, any dexterity issues and how personal and/or work relationships are affected by the individual's hearing loss.

Philosophy – As part of our philosophy we have always provided an in depth consultation before an individual decides to purchase hearing aids. We believe this has been one of the hallmarks of our success. For an individual to be completely comfortable with their decision it is important to develop a successful two-way relationship as early in the process as possible. Our goal is to develop a relationship that will last a lifetime not just one transaction. Simply put, we treat our patients the way we would like to be treated.

Reviews - Reviews are one way that you can learn about a practice. Our goal has always been to have very satisfied patients. See our reviews on Google and our Testimonials.

Medical Devices – Hearing aids are a medical device designed to treat hearing loss. The United States Food and Drug Administration regulate and approve hearing aids. We only offer name-brand hearing aids that are regulated and approved by the FDA. There are many advertisements for low-cost devices in the range of $29.00 to $499.00. These devices are generally listed as a "personal sound system" or "listening device" or other creative descriptions that do not include the words "hearing aid". The advertisements often lead one to believe that these devices could be used by someone with a hearing loss, this is not true. The FDA categorizes these devices as sound amplifiers. Sound amplifiers and are not intended for the treatment of hearing loss. Sound amplifiers are for recreational use by individuals with normal hearing. Click on this link for more information from the FDA about hearing aids and sound amplifiers.

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