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Hearing Protection Products

Our hearing protection will allow an individual to hear normally and still safely protect their ears against possible loud sound hearing damage. Sound levels above 80 dBs will be blocked all other sounds below 80 dB will be heard normally. This allows an individual to hear speech and other normal sounds and not be concerned about possible hearing damage from loud sounds.

Custom Hocks Noise Brakers - Hocks Noise Brakers have a unique filter that is safely embedded in the custom silicone earmold that allow sounds below 80dB to be heard, but exceed OSHA's requirements for hearing protection up to 120dB. Perfect for those who need to hear normal volume sounds in noisy environments. Impressions of the ear are taken by a hearing professional so that the Noise Breakers will provide a custom fit your ear canals.Hocks Noise Filter in Silicone Ear Mold The benefit of custom filters over standard "one size fits all" is that the custom Noise Breakers will correctly and comfortably fit your ear canals so that you receive maximum benefit from the filters. 

$85.00 a pair, single color.
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