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Ear Care and Hearing Aid Care Products

Ear care and hearing aid care products are used to assist an individual with the care of their hearing instruments and their ear canal. These products can assist with the removal of earwax, soothing irritated or itching ear canals and providing assistance with insertion and sealing of hearing aids and earmolds with the ear canal. Hearing aid drying kits are useful in the removal of moisture, such as perspiration from a hearing instrument or earmolds. This reduces the possibility of damage to the hearing instrument and reduces the chance of bacterial growth.

Eargene Lubricant and Itching Relief for Ears Eargene - A product used to relieve itching sometimes associated with wearing hearing aids or ear molds. When used according to directions Eargene can be applied simultaneously with your hearing aids without affecting performance. 1 Fl. Oz., Price $7.75

Audiologist's Choice Audiologist Choice Ear Wax Removal Drops - Ear wax removal drops, safe gentle and non-irritating. 0.5 fl. Oz. $5.50

Ear-GelEar Gel Lubricant for Hearing Aids and Earmolds - A gel lubricant used to ease the insertion of hearing aids or earmolds. Ear-gel also improves the seal between the earmolds or hearing aids and the ear canal. 0.5 fl. Oz. $4.00

Hearing Aid Battery Tester Battery Tester - Small and convenient this battery tester can be attached to your keychain. It not only tests your batteries, but it also holds spare batteries. You never again have to be unsure about about the status of your hearing aid batteries. $8.40

Dry Caddy - Dry Caddy for hearing aids Keeping your hearing aids dry will increase their longevity. Moisture is a major cause of hearing aid failure. Dry Caddy uses a proprietary molecular sieve desiccant that captures moisture and odor. Kit includes six discs for a year of protection. $15.25

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