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Common Questions

Q: Are you just a website?  
A: No, we are a family owned hearing practice located in Countryside, Illinois, which is a suburb of Chicago, IL. We provide superior patient care and patient services at realistic prices. We have been helping people improve their quality of life through better hearing since 2003 and our philosophy has allowed us to help patients nationwide and worldwide. Unlike sales only websites we are a bricks and mortar practice and you can find our physical address at the top and bottom of each page.

Q: Are your prices for one or two hearing aids?
A: Our prices are for one hearing aid unless otherwise stated.

Q: Is there a cost for the warranty?
A: The manufacturer's full warranty is provided at no extra cost.

Q: What do I do if I purchase hearing aids from you and I need warranty repair?
A: You can bring or send your hearing aids to us; we are an authorized Siemens, Rexton and Phonak dispenser and service provider. Or you can choose any of the Siemens, Rexton and Phonak authorized dispensers worldwide.

Q: Are the hearing aids and accessories you offer the latest models?
A: Yes. Because we are an authorized dispenser of Siemens, Rexton and Phonak products we always offer the very latest technology from the manufacturers. We order our products directly from the manufacturer and that's why we do not keep hearing aids in stock. This ensures that you get the latest model with the very latest technology. We do not offer replaced or phased out models, including refurbished or used hearing aid models.

Q: What does Bluetooth ready mean?
A: Bluetooth is a wireless form of communication. Hearing aids that are Bluetooth ready can connect to a remote such as Siemens EasyTek or Rexton Mini Blue RCU or Phonak ComPilot II. These remotes control your connection between the hearing aids and almost any Bluetooth compatible device: TV, cell phone, landline phone, iPod, MP3 player etc...

Q: What are the Bundled and Unbundled purchasing options?
A: Unbundled is intended for someone outside the Chicago Illinois area. Bundled is intended for someone within the Chicago Illinois area. The only difference between the two options is that Bundled includes office visits at our Chicago Illinois practice. Please see Purchasing Options page for more information.

Q: Do you accept health insurance?
A: Yes, if your policy has a benefit for hearing aids we will assist you in filing a claim.

Q: If I am purchasing from outside the state of Illinois do I pay sales tax?
A: No, we do not charge sales tax for out-of-state purchases. There is a 1% sales tax and we pay the tax for you.

Q: What is the sales tax if I purchase in the state of Illinois?
A: The Illinois state medical device sales tax is 2.25%.

Q: What if I can't find a product, price or answer to a question?
A: Please call us (Toll Free 877-600-1122) or send us an email. We will answer your questions and we will not use your information for marketing purposes.

Q: Why can't I buy on your website?
A: Our philosophy requires that you provide us with an audiogram and then we provide you with a thorough consultation with a licensed hearing care practitioner before you purchase hearing aids. We want to ensure you have the correct model and style related to your audiometric testing and your lifestyle.

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