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Signia Hearing Aid Battery Chargers

Signia has Lithium Ion Wireless Chargers and galvanic chargers some are intended for stationary use and others are meant for mobile use with built in battery banks. Signia Chargers are listed below with our prices. All Signia Chargers include a Signia one year warranty.

Rexton Charger area is under construction.

Portable Pure AX Charger

Portable Pure AX ChargerThe lithium-ion portable charger is designed for the Pure Charge and Go AX. The power bank in the charger allows for three full charges of a pair of hearing aids without the need for an outlet. The lid when closed reduces the chance of losing the hearing aids and prevents dust and debris from entering the charger. Price: 246.00 ea.

Styletto X Charger

Styletto X ChargerIt is a Lithium ion charger with a lid that protects the hearing aids. When the charger is fully charged it can recharge the Styletto X up to three times without being connected to a power outlet. Price: 221.00 ea.

Inductive Charger II

Signia Inductive Charger IIThe Inductive Charger II has a lid that protects the hearing aids when they are being transported. The lid also provides a drying feature when the hearing aids are being recharged. Price: 221.00 ea.

Standard Pure Charger

Standard Pure Charge for AX and X Technologies.This is a basic galvanic charger for the Charge and Go AX. This Charger does not have a lid, nor does it have mobile multiple recharging capabilities. Price: 201.00 ea.

Active X Charger

Active X Chargerthe Active X Charger is a Lithium Ion Wireless has a lid to protect the hearing aids and when fully charged can provide an additional three charges without a power source. Price: 221.00 ea.

Styletto Connect Charger

Styletto Connect ChargerThis charger is for the Styletto Connect hearing aids. it is a lithium ion charger with a lid that protects the hearing aids. After a full recharge the charger can recharge the hearing aids three times without being attached to a power outlet. Price: 221.00 ea.


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