Release of New Binax from Siemens

The release of BINAX from SIEMENS brings clinically proven better than normal hearing in demanding listening environments.

e2e wireless 3.0 enables each hearing aid to take in sound through 4 microphones, creating an 8 microphone HD system. Sound is transferred wirelessly from one hearing aid to the other allowing the wearer to hear the exact speech sounds in stereo.

A new Bluetooth remote called EasyTek is discreet and can be concealed beneath a blouse or a shirt. Siemens chose to make the EasyTek a wired remote to maintain signal connectivity without dropping sound. The EasyTek can be paired with telephone, t.v., or any Bluetooth listening device. It is also designed to be used to narrow directionality so you can focus and understand just one person. In an environment with many people you hear only what you want to hear.

The EasyControl app, used with your smartphone can be downloaded FREE and works simultaneously with the EasyTek. The app allows you to discreetly make volume changes and engage Binax technology called a Spatial Configurator. With just a touch you can change polar plots to can aim your instruments like a laser beam in any direction to focus on only one person.

With an IP67 rating you don’t have to worry about your hearing aids failing if you step into the shower, sweat, work in dust or are caught in a rainstorm. Binax Carat holds a size 13 standard battery. Charging your hearing aids every night is an option with Siemens eCharger.

Call Northwest Professional Hearing, 877-600-1122 to learn more about Siemens Binax technology and how it can help improve your life.

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