Micon: The Perfect Balance Between Sound Quality and Effective Audibility

As a hearing healthcare professional I want all of my patients to wear their hearing aids, enjoy every minute of each experience and forget they have instruments in their ears.  Wearing hearing aids consistently is the key to maintaining the central processing that occurs in the brain when you hear.

Siemens Pure Micon

For those who have waited far too long to take action, this process can be uncomfortable and frustrating.  You’re hearing sounds in a completely different way.  Some sounds are being heard for the first time in years. It takes time for the brain to relearn what it is

hearing.  Measuring this process is difficult because each person has a different rate of acceptance.  The wearer must remember that patience and consistency is the key to success.

With Micon, Siemens has found a way to amplify speech with exceptional clarity without

making other sounds intolerable. Three key features of Micon provide the perfect balance between sound quality and effective audibility helping the wearer adjust during this process of relearning.

miSound, miFocus and miGuide work together to produce maximum spontaneous acceptance, long-term listening satisfaction and natural sound that fits the wearers needs.

miSound allows the wearer to forget they are hearing through hearing instruments. It offers the most natural and comfortable sound possible.

miFocus uses Siemens new 48 channel TwinMic system o make hearing effortless. This system localizes and suppresses noise, offering more speech intelligibility even in the most challenging environments.

miGuide is a powerful engine that offers the wearer customized sound.  It employs automatic situation detection.  It learns user sound preferences and has an automatic gain adjustment. This feature increases the gain over time while the wearer becomes accustomed to the new amplification and smoothly adapts to how the wearer wants to hear.

There has never been a better time to begin hearing again.  With the perfect balance between sound quality and effective audibility you can’t lose.

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