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Signia Siemens Primax Special Offers

People using Signia Siemens Primax technology in different listening environments
Signia Siemens Primax Special Offer
Offer Good through September 22, 2017

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Signia Siemens's Primax Models

Signia Siemens Pure Primax Hearing AidThis Special Offer is for all Signia Siemens Primax models. Signia Siemens Pure Primax is the most popular model. It is a small RIC (Receiver In the Canal) hearing aid that includes all of the Primax features. It uses a 312 battery and is just 27 mm or 1.06 inches long. IP67 rated, moisture and water resistant with tinnitus therapy. It is rechargeable and it can connect to all your Bluetooth devices.

Primax includes these features: SpeechMaster, EchoShield, TwinPhone, HD Music, Binaural eWindscreen, Spatial SpeechFocus, Sound Equalizer, e2e Wireless 3.0 and Bluetooth capability. More about the PURE PRIMAX.


Siemens 5px: $1,362.00 ea., Two for $2,724.00

Siemens 7px: $1,848.00 ea., Two for $3,696.00

Purchase two Pure, Carat or Motion Primax SX and receive a Signia Siemens eCharger FREE.

Signia Siemens 3 Year Warranty with damage and loss protection is included with the 7 Primax and 5 Primax.

0% payment plans available up to one year through Care Credit.

Unlike many others, we provide professional services and support for the life of the hearing aids. No additional service plans or warranties to purchase and no hidden costs.

Whenever you have a question or you need assistance you can contact us. We have been providing exceptional professional services and product support since 2003. See our reviews on Google+.

Special Unbundled Signia Siemens Primax prices.
Click Here to learn more about the Unbundled purchasing option.

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Signia Siemens New Cellion Truly Rechargeable and Waterproof

Signia Siemens Cellion Primax hearing aidThe Signia Siemens Cellion Primax is a fully rechargeable, IP 68 rated waterproof hearing aid, Receiver in the Canal (RIC) hearing aid. You never need to change batteries, in fact there are no battery doors. Cellion contains all of the latest Primax technology, plus it is the world's first Lithium-ion Inductive Wireless charging hearing aid. After a two to four hour charge the Cellion Primax will last for 24 continuous hours. After a short 30 minute charge it will last for seven hours. It provides tinnitus therapy and via the Siemens easyTek it can connect to all your Bluetooth devices. If you purchase one Cellion or two Cellion Primax hearing aids the charger is included.

Primax includes these features: SpeechMaster, EchoShield, TwinPhone, HD Music, Binaural eWindscreen and e2e Wireless 3.0. More about the CELLION PRIMAX.

Siemens 5px: $1,337.00 w/Charger, ea. , Two for $2,674.00 w/Charger

Siemens 7px: $1,800.00 w/Charger, ea. , Two for $3,600.00 w/Charger

CHARGER INCLUDED: The prices above include a Cellion Primax Lithium-ion Wireless Inductive Charger. The Cellion Primax hearing aids will not function without the Cellion Primax Lithium-ion Wireless Inductive Charger.

0% payment plans available up to one year through Care Credit.

CELLION PRIMAX PRICE REDUCTION: Signia Siemens has reduced the cost of the Cellion Primax hearing aids by $400.00. This price reduction is equivalent to the cost of the Lithium-ion Wireless Inductive Charger. Providing the Cellion Lithium Ion Wireless Inductive Charger for free is a limited offer and can be withdrawn by Signia Siemens at any time.

Signia Siemens easyTek

Signia Siemens Easy BlueTooth Connectivity

The clarity of a TV show, music, cell phone any Bluetooth device can be streamed directly to your hearing aids. It transforms your hearing aids into a stereo headset. It can be worn under or over a shirt or blouse. Remote control and streamer in one small device. Can be used with Pure Primax, Cellion Primax, Carat Primax, Motion Primax, Silk Primax and Insio Primax.

Siemens easyTek $219.00 ea., without TV Transmitter and with offer above.

TV Transmitter is used to connect a television, if the TV is not Bluetooth Capable. Siemens EasyTek TV Transmitter $99.00 ea. with offer above.

Special easyTek price only with the purchase of two 5px or 7px.

Signia Siemens EasyTek Bluetooth Streamer

Siemens eCharger

Siemens eCharger Hearing Aid Recharger

Free Siemens eCharger with the Purchase two Siemens 5px or 7px hearing aids or choose a years worth of standard disposable batteries, German made by Varta. (80 count max).

The eCharger recharges in 5 1/2 hours, dehumidifies the hearing aids and provides convenient storage.

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Northwest Professional Hearing is a Signia Siemens Advanced Partner and a family-owned "Bricks and Mortar" hearing practice with over a decade of experience. See our reviews on Google + .

When you purchase from us you will have our service and support for the life of your hearing aids.

You must refer to this ad to receive this offer. *Prices may change without notice.

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